Dr. Miller, Belfair Dental CareWe are able to create same day all-porcelain crowns, veneers, and other porcelain restorations using CEREC technology, all in about an hour!

Thanks to the exceptional precision of CEREC dental technology, we are able to create beautiful, computer generated porcelain restorations that are durable and practically invisible all in a single visit. This means no need for traditional impressions, temporaries or second visits for the same tooth.

CEREC CrownsWith this technology we minimize tooth loss, increase strength of the tooth and virtually eliminate sensitive teeth. A single tooth can be restored back to its original strength and beauty in about an hour. This also eliminates the problem associated with silver (mercury) fillings.

How Does it Work?

CEREC crowns milling machineAfter we prepare your tooth, the Omnicam takes an optical impression and relays the exact specifications to a computer, which then designs on screen (as shown above) a precise restoration to fit your tooth. Then the milling function actually manufactures the solid, one-piece restoration. We bond it onto your tooth and you are finished in just one visit.

We use a lithium disilicate material called e.max that combines strength and beauty. It is so natural looking that even on close inspection you will not be able to distinguish it from your natural tooth. E.max boasts strength levels up to four times stronger than previous traditional porcelain materials.

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