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At Belfair Dental Care PA, we are thrilled to be literally on the cutting edge with Versah Densah technology. The Densah innovation utilizes an “osseodensification” implant site preparation technique that preserves and enhances your own native bone.  “Osseodensification” creates a dense layer of bone surrounding the implant socket, leading to greater implant stability at the time of placement. This increase in implant stability leads to faster healing and a shorter amount of time required before patients receive their permanent crown. By preserving this bone, patients are often less likely to need an additional bone graft. This technology also allows patients who may have narrower bony ridges to still benefit from dental implants through gentle ridge expansion.

Versah Densah technology

We are also pleased to have teamed up with 3-D Imaging, LLC to offer on-site 3-dimensional cone beam CT scans. When treatment planning implants, there are certain cases when traditional dental x-rays don’t provide enough information. With 3-dimensional imaging, we are able to determine with confidence if an adequate amount of bone volume is present and identify the location of critical structures like nerves and the maxillary sinus. Once the scan is complete and the file is uploaded, we are able to virtually treatment plan your implant using special software, and then fabricate a custom surgical guide that aids in precision alignment.

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